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If you leave near some Military locations in the USA
You will have 50 watt PEP limitation.

The satellite mode of 611 ERP only applies to 435-438mc and not
the eme segment of 432

If you are out side of a military zone, then normal power rules apply.

§97.313 Transmitter power standards.
(f) No station may transmit with a transmitter power exceeding 50 W
PEP on the UHF 70
cm band from an area specified in footnote US7 to §2.106 of the FCC
Rules, unless
expressly authorized by the FCC after mutual agreement, on a case-by-case basis,
between the District Director of the applicable field facility and the
military area
frequency coordinator at the applicable military base. An Earth
station or telecommand
station, however, may transmit on the 435-438 MHz segment with a
maximum of 611 W
effective radiated power (1 kW equivalent isotropically radiated
power) without the
authorization otherwise required. The transmitting antenna elevation
angle between the
lower half-power (-3 dB relative to the peak or antenna bore sight)
point and the
horizon must always be greater than 10°.

And from US7
(e) In the State of Massachusetts within a 160-kilometer (100 mile)
radius around locations at Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts
(latitude 41°45' North, longitude 70°32' West);

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> >Hello
> >
> >Should I be so lucky as to connect with Arecib o this
> weekend, what 
> >is the proper protocol for a QSO?
> >
> >73 Bob W7LRD
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> Bob,
> A good question since they will be using SSB,
> initially.  I do not 
> operate eme on 432+ but I believe that normal calling is
> done on 
> 2-1/2 minute sequences.  I suspect that will not be
> done with Arecibo 
> (but they should say what their operating protocol will
> be).
> Normal eme protocol goes like this:
> CQ de KP4AO  calls for 2.5 minutes
> KP4AO de KL7UW means KL7UW copied KP4AO call sign (not
> calling in the 
> blind); calls for 2.5 minutes
> KL7UW de KP4AO signal report (May be RST or OOO); also
> means Arecibo 
> copied both KP4AO and KL7UW's call sign; gives report for
> 2.5 minutes
> KP4AO de KL7UW roger your report (RO) and/or RST; for 2.5
> minutes
> KL7UW de KP4AO RRR  means I copied your report; for
> 2.5 minutes
> KP4AO de KL7UW 73 and SK;  end of successful contact;
> for 2.5 minutes
> total time 15-minutes
> So with 2:45 hours of operation 11 QSO's could be made; so
> I do not 
> expect the usual 2.5 minute time sequence.
> That is usual for CW and digital eme, but I do not know
> what is 
> likely to ensue with the expected pile up on SSB.  But
> for proper eme 
> both calls must be given and confirmed (unlike HF were only
> one call 
> is stated and the other station, assumed).
> 73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
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