[amsat-bb] NH6VB back on the satellites from Hawaii

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Apr 14 08:48:22 PDT 2010


On Saturday (10 April) morning, there was an HO-68 SSB/CW pass that 
went from the north toward the Pacific Ocean.  I was out at my normal
Phoenix QTH (DM33xp/DM43ap boundary), and worked 3 stations.  Early 
in the pass, John VE8EV called me from CP38.  I've worked John in the
past when I was on a road trip, and this was the first time I have
heard him - or worked him - from my "home QTH".  After that, Mike 
KC9ELU in Indiana called me.  Then I went back to CQing, until the 
third station I heard on that pass called me - Peter NH6VB.  I 
remembered seeing his posts to the -BB last month about getting a new 
satellite radio, and then trying to get SatPC32 working again.  We 
ended up chatting for a few minutes, as the satellite was approaching 
LOS for me.  It was fun to work VE8EV and KC9ELU, but hearing NH6VB 
calling me on HO-68 in SSB was a huge - and pleasant - surprise. 

After the pass, Peter sent me an e-mail explaining his setup.  His
larger Yagis are still on the ground, but he was using an Arrow 
Yagi until those other antennas are back on his tower.  For those
that missed AA5UK/KH6 recently, and have not heard the only resident
station working the SSB satellites from Hawaii in recent years 
(WH6BIE), we may now have another option for those looking to work 
Hawaii via satellite in modes other than FM.  

Hopefully Peter will show up on more passes, as he continues to get
his satellite station back on the air.  And, maybe, we can return 
this list to its regularly-scheduled subject matter...   :-) 



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