[amsat-bb] Space Debris: Predicted near impact for AO-51

Tom Clark, K3IO K3IO at verizon.net
Sun Apr 11 20:45:42 PDT 2010

The Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg AFB has reported that 
AO-51 will have a ~200 meter (i.e. 2 football fields) approach to object 
#34890 at 08:51Z on April 13th.

Object #34890 (see http://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=34890 and 
http://celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/iridium-33-debris.txt) is one piece 
of the more than 500 pieces of debris left over after the Iridium-33 -- 
Kosmos-2251 collision on Feb. 10,2009 (see 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_satellite_collision). The total mass 
of the two spacecraft was about 1600 kg (well over one ton).

You can get an HD movie animation of the Iridium/Kosmos collision here 
(warning -- 50 MB ZIP file).

73, Tom

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