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> Hello Luc Leblanc,
> Yes, the signals received by Roland, PY4ZBZ demonstrate in practice the
> article by Domenico, I8CVS.
> Thanks for reply
> Piraja, PS8RF

Hi Piraja , PS8RF

I have heard the wav CW file of PY4ZBZ receiving Arecibo on 22/03/2010 at
21:30 UTC in 432.045 MHz  with only a small UHF antenna for 6 elements 
and a simple FT1000d transceiver.


I am happy that the above result demontrates in practice my article because
the CW signal is barely audible into the noise.

I was not able to hear the SSB wav file because my PC says that the file
comes to me corrupted.


If you send to me both wav files I will measure instrumentally the real
(S+N)/N and S/N for a more precise analysis.

By the way as I stated in my article the reception of Arecibo using a small
hand-held yagi pointed at the moon is very difficult "but not impossible"

Congratulations to Roland PY4ZBZ

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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