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> Hello Friends,
> I have two observations:
> The first - the team control of the AO-51 correctly employed the use of PL tone to activate the bird. Here in South America constantly
 listen to interference from phones and others strangers broadcasts through its downlink. I hope the use of PL tone is adopted and so 

I'm not sure if it will in any way as when the satellite will be open the interference will still be present. The only one advantage will 
be the inteference sources will not be able to open the satellite when no one is using it.

> The second observation is related to EME - our friend Roland, PY4ZBZ managed to received the signals from the Arecibo Radio Observatory
 on 22/03/2010 at 21:30 UTC in 432.045 MHz  with only a small UHF antenna for 6 elements and a simple FT1000d transceiver. Roland with his
 equipment received signals in CW and SSB. Congratulations to our dear friend Roland, who with his feat, he broke the paradigm that is not 
with a simple antenna on hand to listen to a broadcast EME. Taking into consideration the power and the antenna used by KP4AO.

Domenico  I8CVS puts a very detailed math post on the subject it will be challenging to check reality VS theory

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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