[amsat-bb] Re: BeeSat at 4800 GMSK

Nathaniel S. Parsons nsp25 at cornell.edu
Sat Apr 10 18:22:58 PDT 2010

Hi Tom,

My mind had indeed played a trick on me, and I remembered MFSK as MSK.

As far as the DStar group goes, I don't see any mention of 4800 bps or 4k8
kbps on the public page, so if it's not the group's focus, I don't want to
have to rely on that solution.

-Nate KC2SVI

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 6:28 PM, Tom Azlin N4ZPT <n4zpt at cox.net> wrote:

> Hi Nate,
> I was not aware MixW had MSK in it but still identical to GMSK. Perhaps you
> are thinking of MFSK? In the MixW program there is MSFK16, a multitone
> frequency shift signal, is supported, but not Minimum Shift Keying or
> Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying signals. And also FSK, aka RTTY.
> There is work going on to make a sound card 4800 bps 0.5 time-bandwidth
> product GMSK soundcard modems for use in GMSK DV adapters to use with D-STAR
> radios. Perhaps that could be adapted for your purpose?
> http://www.qsl.net/kb9mwr/projects/voip/dstar/G4KLX.html seems to describe
> some of the work.
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dstar_development/ and ttp://
> groups.yahoo.com/group/pcrepeatercontroller/ are where I see the
> discussion underway.
> Separate discussion is using an external sound card interface like the
> Rigblaster, to connect a computer and radio.
> 73, Tom n4zpt
> Nathaniel S. Parsons wrote:
>> Can I assume MSK=GMSK? I thought they were different, but they are the
>> same,
>> and since MixW has MSK, and I could use that with a Rigblaster, etc,
>> right?
>> -Nate

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