[amsat-bb] Subject: Re: AO-7 Mode C? (Or other reason for varying signal strength?)

Peter Jordahl k5gm at amsat.org
Wed Apr 7 13:10:26 PDT 2010

It seems to me (presumptuous since my only satellite activity is reading
the group!) that most of the responses suggest causes that would not be
so sharply defined as Bill's observations.  He says 

Either 0.7 degrees
OR 4-5 degrees

not a continuum of values.  I would have to ask if there is any
correlation with day of week, local weather conditions (also a continuum
of values) or AO-7 mode immediately prior to the mode it is in when the
observations are made (IIRC the mode can switch at random).

Can a correlation be made between the elevation at AOS and the signal
level at nearest approach?

Pete K5GM
Pete Jordahl, K5GM
k5gm at amsat.org

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