[amsat-bb] seeking examples of frequency bands used in amateur spacecraft

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 12:03:38 PDT 2010

Hello with reference to the US FCC Part 97 and in particular section 97.207
"Space Station" available

Have all of the frequency bands listed below been used in service through
the last four decades?

The following frequency bands and segments are authorized to space stations:

   (1) The 17 m, 15 m, 12 m and 10 m bands, 6 mm, 4 mm, 2 mm and 1 mm bands;

   (2) The 7.0-7.1 MHz, 14.00-14.25 MHz, 144-146 MHz, 435-438 MHz, 1260-1270
   MHz and 2400-2450 MHz, 3.40-3.41 GHz, 5.83-5.85 GHz, 10.45-10.50 GHz and
   24.00-24.05 GHz segments.

What power limitations are stipulated for these bands?

Samudra, N3RDX & S21X
Alexandria, VA

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