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Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Sun Apr 4 04:44:12 PDT 2010

S band DATV

Better to be prepared than sorry!

Did anyone have an idea how to feed a DATV signal coming from the actual S band former TV converter eg: Transystem AIDC 3731A? They where 
made for analog TV i think and i don't know if they will be usable for DATV? As the output is made for 75 Ohms regular cable TV set 
connector i think any signal can be received on a standard TV set but with the modified IF output in the ham band or in the 123MHZ range it 
fall into the regular TV set bandpass on 54 to 890 MHz. As per the specs it seems the AIDC 3731A is "digital ready" But is this digital is 
in the same protocole than the already existing commercial digital protocole? On a French site they refer to a signal bandwidth of 48KHZ 
that is too wide for any amateur radio standard rig but OK for a TV receiver but on other site they speak of 6MHZ!. Some search refer to 
the MPEG2 protocole it is supported on various FTA receiver but QPSK in various flavor DVB-B DVB-C DVB-S is the mode reported on many site 
in Europe but they confirm the QPSK DVB-S can be received with standard commercial digital receiver but not with the GMSK protocole (see 
below for the links and info's)

TranSystem Inc., a world wide leader in MMDS/MDS technology, offers a complete line of PCS, WCS and radar filtering downconverters. Our 
designs have been copeid by many, but the original out performs the rest. The digital ready AIDC easily integrates with parabolic antennas 
or any of our esthetically correct antennas. 



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