[amsat-bb] Re: AA5UK/KH6 operation from Hawaii

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Apr 4 00:06:06 PDT 2010

Hi Tim!

> At 0331 UTC on April 3, AA5UK/KH6 and I made a quick CW
> contact on FO-29 – from his vacation location in BL02ic and
> my home in EM84ha. According to the Tiny Locator program
> from ON6MU, our contact covered 7,399 kilometers/4,621 miles.


I know you had been working on getting Adrian in your log for
some time, and Adrian's receive issues on AO-7 initially didn't
help your cause.  It may not be a "world record" for distance
covered, but you two certainly stretched that footprint for all
you could.

> Adrian’s commitment to activate Hawaii – during a vacation
> trip with his significant other – enabled me to put state No.
> 50 in the satellite log. He did the same for several others –
> among them Rick, WA4NVM; George, WA5KBH; Alex,
> KC7MG; Damon, WA4HFN; Matthew, KC7EQO; and Dave,
> KN4OK.

It's great to see those calls, most of them being east of the
Rockies and generally unable to work Hawaii on the FM birds.
I know a few of the XE satellite operators also put AA5UK/KH6
in their logs.  Alvaro XE2AT had already worked Hawaii in the
past, but was looking for Adrian's grid on Kauai.  I think Omar
XE1AO and Bernardo XE2HWB also worked Adrian out there.
These two may still need other states for satellite WAS, but
at least they can focus on the other states using other birds.
There may be other XEs that I'm not aware of, but I know
Adrian chatted with several of them via e-mail trying to make
those QSOs happen.

> Thanks again to Adrian for making the significant time and
> effort to activate Hawaii as much as he has on this trip.

Yes, Adrian has tried to be on a lot of passes for the benefit
of satellite operators.  He had been working on this trip for
months, and changing his plans so he would have more time
on the satellites and still enjoy the non-radio parts of the trip
(i.e., no HF activity, something he had planned to do out
there originally).  I hope Adrian takes time to elaborate on the
trip here on the -BB or in an article for the AMSAT Journal,
as that would be an interesting read.



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