[amsat-bb] Re: Arrow and EME?

Gabriel - EA6VQ ea6vq_ml at vhfdx.info
Fri Apr 2 09:09:11 PDT 2010

With and Arrow antenna and 50w you should be able to work W5UN, KB8RQ, RN6BN
and might be a few more with a lot of patience and good EME conditions.

The smallests station I have worked via the Moon was using only a 5 elem
Yagi at the balcony and 50w, but with my 8x17 2M5WL usually a longer Yagi
(3WL or so) and/or 100w are required to be able to make the QSO. Very often
stations with small 4 or 5 element antennas are reporting to copy me via the
Moon, but copying them with their 50w is another matter.

If someone is interested to try EME with me someday just let me know. I'm
always looking forward to meeting new stations via the Moon.

For knowing which stations are CQing at a certain moment, apart from the
already mentioned N0UK EME chat, I could also suggest you look at the Live
CQ page http://www.livecq144.com/

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ


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> Hi folks,
> I think it should be possible to work at least the three big 
> guns out there:
> W5UN, KB8RQ and RN6BN. With their huge antenna arrays they 
> can hear very low power EME stations. 100-150W into the arrow 
> should work theoretically with those three stations if moon 
> condx are favourable.
> The best thing is to hang around in the JT65 EME chat under 
> this address:
> http://www.chris.org/cgi-bin/jt65emeA
> Usually you only need to wait there till the big guns 
> announce a CQ call there with their used frequency. You can 
> then also take the advantage of realtime communication via 
> this website to arrange a sked in realtime with them and they 
> will keep their ears open for you, hi
> The "QRPp EME record" so far for RN6BN by the way was working 
> LZ1BB using a 4el. DK7ZB yagi with only 40W into 
> antenna....thus Arrow should work also when power over 100W is used.
> I can occasionally work down to 8 yagi stations in JT65B mode 
> using a 6el.
> DK7ZB Yagi and about 130W into Antenna (160W Brick-AMP minus 
> cable loss)
> For example I worked EA6VQ on Mallorca Island with his 
> 8x17el. M2 array with my relatively small antenna.
> I can sometimes decode down to 2 yagi high power stations on 
> JT65B RX mode if moon condx are good...but 2-way QSO is not 
> possible with those small counterparts.
> Here some links from other EME QRPers:
> http://www.ok2kkw.com/00000104/eme.htm
> (used 4el. yagi And 100W)
> http://www.dj7al.de/12906.html
> (used 4el. F9FT yagi and 200W)
> http://www.dj7al.de/11026.html
> (same station testing only HB9CV 2el. and 200W)
> And here is a nice tutorial to get started in JT65B mode EME 
> operations:
> http://www.vhfdx.net/jt65bintro.html
> Best 73 de Oscar DJ0MY
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