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> The rest of this pertains to 2-meter eme.  432-eme will take more 
> antenna gain since the path-loss is higher at increase 
> frequencies.  This means antenna gain requirements go up 
> (approximately 6-dB more for stations working eme on 432).  The norm 
> for two CW EME stations is 18-dBi with 1000w on 2-meters and 24-dBi 
> with 1000w on 432.  (subtract 1.64 dB to convert antenna gain to dBd).
> 73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45

Hi Ed, KL7UW

I agree completely with you except (subtract 1.64 dB to convert antenna
gain to dBd).

The gain of a 1/2 wave dipole is 2.14 dBi = 1.64 time in power so that
to convert the antenna gain in dBd you must subtract 2.14 dB to the
antenna gain expressed in dBi 

An antenna gain of 12.14 dBi is equivalent to an antenna gain of 10 dBd 

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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