[amsat-bb] LVB Tracker Help

Joel Black jbblack at charter.net
Sat Oct 31 19:14:29 PDT 2009

I have resurrected my LVB Tracker project from several years back.  
Using WinXP, I was finally able to go through the first part of 
programming the tracker I think.  I get the following:

Press RESET button.  Hit any key to continue.
Identifying device...
Chip ID=09E6
16F876 identified
Beginning bulk erase...
Bulk erase finished.

Press reset button.  Hit any key to continue.
Programming device...
Programming: <Some HEX value>  at this point it counts up from 0000 to 
1FE0 (I think the last value is correct, it went by so quickly, I'm not 
Verifying device...
Configuring device...
Verifying configuration...

Switch OFF device.  Hit any key to continue.
Remove HDR3.  Hit any key to continue.
Place HDR1 into RUN mode.  Hit any key to continue.
Device programmed.  Hit any key to continue.

Then I get a C:\ prompt.  At this point, the device is powered down.  I 
take out the RS232 chip and put in the FTDI chip and connect to the LVB 
Tracker with Tera Term.  When I hit "C," I get:
F, A, S:
Az Offset=1023
F, E, S:
El Offset=1023

At this point, I'm supposed to turn the rotor CW to 360°.  Well, I 
cannot.  As soon as I plug the LVB into the G5400 controller (at the 
very beginning of programming), everything turned to max (EL at 180° and 
AZ at 180° Right).  I cannot change any setting manually with the rotor 
controller.  I can commit values to memory, but nothing else.  When I 
type F, A, E, I get:

Az mul=0000.0000

For F, E, E, I get:

El mul=0000.0000

When I commit all this to memory and hit RESET, I still get no movement 
from the rotor using the controller.  Only after disconnecting the LVB 
from the controller am I able to move the rotor.

Any help or suggestions?

Joel, W4JBB

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