[amsat-bb] Searching AMSAT-bb archives

Dave Taylor dave.w8aas at verizon.net
Sat Oct 31 13:20:40 PDT 2009


Just thought I'd remind everyone that all AMSAT mailing lists are  
archived and past messages are available for search in two ways:

1. Use the Subscription settings link at the end of each message to go  
to a web page that has a link to the archives for that mailing list.

2. Search using Google, with the search string

    <search keywords> site:amsat.org/pipermail/<list name>

The <list name> part is what appears at the start of a mailing list  
subject line; for example, "amsat-bb".  If you leave off the "/<list  
name>" part, you will search all public AMSAT mailing lists.  (Other  
search engines can probably do something similar.)

Dave, W8AAS
AMSAT #8974

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