[amsat-bb] Re: Simple 2.4Ghz helix plans?

Alan VE4YZ ve4yz at mts.net
Fri Oct 30 22:13:57 PDT 2009

One I've used several times...

http://www.wireless.org.au/~jhecker/stuff/Helix.php  from

http://www.wireless.org.au/~jhecker/ and his standalone program

http://www.wireless.org.au/~jhecker/helix/ HelixCalc.exe to calc and print
the form for winding the helix.

It works... Did it my self and still using it... below


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> I threw this out there on the eham satellite forum looking 
> for answers but I'll try here too.
> I'm looking for some fairly simple plans for this antenna. 
> Everything I find either seems to be intended for WiFi or if 
> it is ham related is full of mathematical formulas to figure 
> length, diameter, spacing etc.
> Math was never my strong suit so I'd prefer to find something 
> with the actual already computed dimensions clearly stated. 
> Preferably in English rather than metric measurements. I 
> found an article in the May/June 2008 AMSAT Journal that 
> looked promising but there are no hard numbers, just the 
> formulas  and I don't have a calculator capable of some of 
> the computations, much less being able to work them out in my 
> head. Been a long time since I was in school!.. hi hi... I 
> have a downconverter I'm not sure even works and I don't want 
> to spend a huge amount of time and trouble to be able to test it.
> Tnx and 73,
> Michael, W4HIJ
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