[amsat-bb] Re: Stealth Satellite Station?

Idle-Tyme nss at mwt.net
Thu Oct 29 07:45:17 PDT 2009

Yes, height is NOT important.

I would only go as high as needed to clear the ground when the antenna 
is elevated.

My first antenna for the birds ( Old birds Oscar 7  etc. )  was a 3 
element 2 meter quad.

Small compact and it sat inside my house right next to me on a camera 
tripod. and just twisted it by arm.

Worked GREAT!

The next day I even worked someone in Arkansas from here in Wisconsin.

The Original Rolling Ball Clock

David Wing wrote:
> Are you able to put up a "temporary" mast of modest height?  I've used a 2
> foot section of fence pipe in a bucket of quickcrete as a base and then use
> a smaller diameter of fence pipe to slide into the piece that is held in the
> bucket of cement.  I've gone as high as 30' with this kind of set-up by
> putting it next to a pillar, strapping it to the pillar with a truck load
> strap and then guying it with rope (this is how I put up my 6M summertime
> set-up...worked great).
> You certainly don't need to go 30'...12 or 15' might be just fine.  If the
> landlord could see that it's not being bolted to his property and is
> basically a portable set-up, he might be a lot more open to it.  In fact, I
> wouldn't even ask him.  If you're not attaching it to his house and there
> are no restrictions to an antenna in the back-yard, go for it.
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> I currently live in a rental house and an outside antenna is out of the
> question. I asked about putting up a satellite TV dish at my own expense
> last year and received and flat out "NO".  So, my current options are as
> follows:
> 1. Going out to my car and working the FM birds with my Icom 2720H and 19"
> whip.
> 2. Working the FM birds from the back/front yard or possibly inside the
> house with my Icom W32A and Elk LP antenna.
> 3. Setting up my 2720 in the house with some sort of stealth antenna and
> give a try at satellite APRS.
> Obviously options 1 and 3 still allow for option 2.
> Has anyone tried any form of stealth antenna for Satellites. I am really
> interested in the idea of combining the satellites and aprs together.
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