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David Wing david at cdwing.com
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Are you able to put up a "temporary" mast of modest height?  I've used a 2
foot section of fence pipe in a bucket of quickcrete as a base and then use
a smaller diameter of fence pipe to slide into the piece that is held in the
bucket of cement.  I've gone as high as 30' with this kind of set-up by
putting it next to a pillar, strapping it to the pillar with a truck load
strap and then guying it with rope (this is how I put up my 6M summertime
set-up...worked great).

You certainly don't need to go 30'...12 or 15' might be just fine.  If the
landlord could see that it's not being bolted to his property and is
basically a portable set-up, he might be a lot more open to it.  In fact, I
wouldn't even ask him.  If you're not attaching it to his house and there
are no restrictions to an antenna in the back-yard, go for it.

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I currently live in a rental house and an outside antenna is out of the
question. I asked about putting up a satellite TV dish at my own expense
last year and received and flat out "NO".  So, my current options are as

1. Going out to my car and working the FM birds with my Icom 2720H and 19"
2. Working the FM birds from the back/front yard or possibly inside the
house with my Icom W32A and Elk LP antenna.
3. Setting up my 2720 in the house with some sort of stealth antenna and
give a try at satellite APRS.

Obviously options 1 and 3 still allow for option 2.

Has anyone tried any form of stealth antenna for Satellites. I am really
interested in the idea of combining the satellites and aprs together.

Kent R Frazier, K5KNT
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