[amsat-bb] EM97 WV Grid Expedition wrap up etc.

John Papay john at papays.com
Mon Oct 26 19:26:16 PDT 2009

The EM97 grid operation on 24 October came off as planned.
The operating location proved to be quite good.  The lowest
western AO-27 pass was only 8 degrees and I was able to hear
the entire 7 minutes of it.  The last pass of AO-51 at 2338z
was the most difficult because of the many competing signals.
Many are not full duplex and cannot hear the buzz and continue
to transmit.  Even so, 21 different callsigns were heard and
nine of them were worked.  It was very hard to transmit into
the bird but very easy to hear it.

The operating location elevation was over 2500' AMSL.  Only
a few hills around me were higher. All of them were covered with
trees.  It's very hard to find high spots that are accessible, and
that makes EM97 very difficult to work if you are in the western
part of the US.  Temps during the daytime approached 60 degrees but
temps during the last pass of AO-51 dropped to 45 degrees with a brisk
west wind blowing directly at me.  The first pass of AO-27 was a little
wet but all in all the weather cooperated.  Fifty-six contacts were
made and I hope some of you came away with a new grid.

QSL cards are being printed and should be out within two weeks.
Everyone in the log will receive a card.  No return cards are
requested.  Info is on my qrz.com page along with the card design.

Not unlike last weekend, there were others operating away from their
home location.  Rodney, KC0ZHF, was in EN04 beginning on Friday
evening and Gerald, N0JE operated on the EN05/06 grid boundary on
Sunday morning.  John, W6ZKH, was worked in DM05.  Thanks to all of
you for operating out of your comfort zone for the benefit of those
working on their VUCC totals.  Also noteworthy was the appearance of
TF3ARI on the early morning 1047z AO-51 pass.  Ari is running a TS2000
and is working to improve his receive capabilities.

If you are looking for a challenge, try operating in an adjacent grid
or take your radio with you when you are on vacation.  More and more
are trying it and you'll find that you'll really enjoy the change of
pace from operating at your home location.

John K8YSE

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