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> Hello folks,
> Recently I have in my station a TS-790 for satellites. In the past the
radio used for this activity was a IC-821. On that radio, for sat activity,
is suggested to use the main band for downlink reception and the sub band
for the uplink. This because the reception in main band is better instead of
sub receiver.
> And the radio, when sat mode is selected, allow that configuration.
> Now on the TS-790, Have I to follow the same setup?
> This because, I have done many attempts to use this radio how the Icom
without results.
> Tnx for your time
> 73 Mario IK1ZQJ
Hi Mario, IK1ZQJ

I have a TS-790 but I don't use it for satellite. By the way in this
transceiver the MAIN band can be used both for TX or RX but the
SUB band can be used only for RX

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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