[amsat-bb] Re: volunteering (Mobile Satellite Predictor)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 25 16:14:20 PDT 2009

Kim, AC7YY has taken a survey of the APRS-IS to find out what
other areas have Satellite Tracking engines that are putting out
live satellite-objects onto the local APRS information channel.
It appears there are only two other USA systems and the rest are

K3PDK-1  39°37'N  77°45'W
WD5EAE-3 32°35'N  94°48'W
YYDIGI   46°43'N 122°57'W 
SP8RSL   51°18'N  21°55'E
EB1DBX   43°25'N   8°12'W
F6KLI-4  44°54'N   0°15'W
SKAGIT   48°25'N 122°19'W
LW2DVM-1 34°29'S  58°32'W
AB9FT-10 43°44'N  87°43'W
HB9MM-4  46°42'N   6°24'E
F5ZQB-3  42°43'N   1°42'E
PD2RLD-2 53°11'N   5°33'E 

Where these systems run, the result is every mobile in that
area, even without any prior planning, will be alerted to any FM
satellite in view, including the frequency, uplink and downlink
plus doppler direction and range... right there on the front
panel of his APRS radio.   Offering a come-as-you are capability
for any one mobile to operate when the satellite is in view.

Kim operates his system (digi_ned) on the local UHF APRS alt-net
running on 440.800Mhz at 9.6kbaud within a portion of NWAPRS
coverage area (Puget Sound).  This is a great way to get other
mobiles involved in mobile satellite operation.  For example,
when AO51 comes over it is easy to hear for the central few
minues of the pass when the range is indicated below 1000km.  Or
when ISS comes over and is in packet mode, then a quick mobile
QSY from the APRS channel to 145.825 satellite channel allows
some packet operation.


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