[amsat-bb] Re: SO-67 keps designation change

i6kzr@i6kzr.it i6kzr at i6kzr.it
Sat Oct 24 15:16:51 PDT 2009

Hi Alan,
Originally SUMBANDILA was and is object 35870 and has been changed 
designation for SO-67,
 FRIGATE/IRIS was and is object 35867.
Nothing is changed!
My keps are correct.


                                         Renzo, I6KZR

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> Afternoon,
> There have been some changes of the Space Track designation for SO-67
> recently.  Originally, it was object 35867.  According to the AMSAT-SA 
> page,
> it is now object 35870, with the old 35867 now FRIGATE/IRIS according to
> Space Track.  This is reflected in the AMATEUR.TXT list most tracking
> programs use.  If you use the AMSATNAMES.TXT file in SATPC32, you will 
> need
> to make the appropriate change.
> Of course, this assumes that NORAD is fixing a mistake and not introducing
> one.   ;)
> Alan

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