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Steve Daniels steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
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Hi David

Happy to help in any way I can. I can see updating web pages as a way I can
help to some small degree. Recently clicked on amsat sites where some pages
have not been updated in years. Even if the info is still valid it looks

Having worked in education am happy to get involved in that direction, you
will know that experience.


Steve G6UIM



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Hi David

Sadly no I don't have any 2m design experience, my design experience is
mostly high voltage switch mode PSU for powering Traveling Wave Tubes, and
the microcontroller based management systems for controlling high power
travelling wave tubes + PSUs. Mostly I have done the microcontroller aspect
of that. Over recent years I have been mainly involved in I.T. admin in


Hi Steve.


Thanks for the reply. Always good to know that someone is interested in
supporting the AMSAT cause. The ESEO project is being funded (hardware only)
by AMSAT UK while the launch is supplied by ESA Education. It's an
educational project with a small role for AMSAT. Currently we need some
expertise for a 2m TX and some satellite antennas...although hopefully the
antennas shouldn't be too much of a problem.




Great on the PSU for TWT's. - with the microcontroller aspect of management.
Perhaps I can 'store' that in case we need a hand in those areas in the
future. Is it  the PIC variety or ARM or some other specialised type you are
familiar with?


I'm working at a school as a science technician at present, so possibly I
can appreciate your working environment quite well. Half term in 3 days. -





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