[amsat-bb] Re: New Kenwood HT for 2010?

myles landstein myles.landstein at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 13:54:27 PDT 2009


If  you want to see  it     near the end of the video


If  i had to guess, it's prob  the least amount of effort  to  make it  
ROHS compliant,  and   maybe  tweak a few   things  that  wouldn't run  
up the $$

drawing heavy on the   D7 vs  a  redesign

Looks  nice   very  similar  to it's  successor

On Oct 21, 2009, at 2:14 PM, Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) wrote:

> Clint,
>> Personally, I would be surprised if Kenwood dedicated a lot of
>> engineering talent to a new, true full-duplex amateur handheld. The
>> profit for them is not in the amateur world - but in the land  
>> mobile /
>> commercial arenas.
>> I hope I am wrong, though!
> At Dayton 5 months ago, Kenwood had posters in their booth
> announcing a new HT and HF transceiver for the summer of
> 2010.  Of course, there were no details released at that time
> for either radio.
> If Kenwood is simply updating the design of the old TH-D7 to
> be this new HT, that might be their way to minimize R&D costs.
> If they are able to replace the component(s) no longer in
> production with others, they may not make many other updates
> in the interests of saving money.  The radio was still popular until
> it was discontinued, and remains popular on the used market now.
> I picked one up at a hamfest 3 months ago, and still need to make
> time to play around with it.
> When the TM-D710 and TM-V71 mobile radios were released,
> Kenwood only developed one radio "box" for both of these models.
> They share the same FCC ID number, and the RC-D710 adds the
> TNC functionality to the TM-V71 (the RC-D710 does not attach to
> the TM-V71, unfortunately).  Kenwood may be trying to stay in the
> amateur market, without spending lots of money to do so.  It will
> be interesting to see what this new HT looks like, whenever it sees
> the light of day (or when someone puts photos of it online).
> 73!
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