[amsat-bb] Postscript: Road Trip to FN56, FN57, FN66, FN67, etc.

Richard Crow rfcrow at pronetisp.net
Wed Oct 21 09:10:31 PDT 2009

Hello All,

Looking back, the "Road Trip to FN56, FN57, FN66, FN67, etc." was 
eminently successful. In the course of two days, I drove 1,119 miles 
from my Dad's home in Massachusetts to Maine and back: 429 miles up, 
261 miles around the back woods of northern Maine searching for 
better-than-average operating locations, and 429 miles back.

In the process, I activated every grid square north of Bangor, with the 
exception of FN45, plus I activated FN53 in southern Maine as well. Put 
another way, I worked 11 satellite passes to activate 7 rare grid 
squares in two days. In that time, I would estimate that I made over a 
hundred satellite contacts.

My appreciation goes out to all who participated.

If you're interested in the actual locations I worked from, it's 
summarized in the chart below in the order that I worked from them. The 
latitudes and longitudes were recorded on site from a Garmin "GPS 
12XL", except as noted.


Actual Locations for Saturday, October 17th:

  #    Lat      Lon    Grid    Nearest Town
--  -------  -------  ----  ----------------

  1  43.979N  69.978W  FN53       Topsham, ME

  2  45.596N  68.535W  FN55        Medway, ME

  3  46.791N  68.040W  FN56       Caribou, ME

  4  47.006N  68.180W  FN57     Stockholm, ME

  5  46.854N  67.988W  FN66       Caribou, ME


Actual Locations for Sunday, October 18th:

  #    Lat     Lon     Grid    Nearest Town
--  -------  -------  ----  ----------------

  6  47.132N  67.954W  FN67     Van Buren, ME

  7  47.132N  67.954W  FN67     Van Buren, ME

  8  47.006N  68.180W  FN57     Stockholm, ME

  9  46.854N  67.989W  FN66       Caribou, ME

10  46.692N* 68.015W* FN56  Presque Isle, ME

11  45.988N  67.862W  FN65   North Amity, ME


* At the time, I was so busy driving from one operating location to 
another that I didn't have time to record the latitude and longitude 
from the "GPS 12XL". So, it was determined later from topographic maps.


You probably won't hear me on the satellites for a while. Instead, I'll 
be focused on completing several antenna related projects before winter 
sets in.  Among other things, I need to get my outdoor satellite 
antennas back in operation.

But in the mean time, send me your list of other rare grid squares you 
need in the northeast USA. I'll consider traveling to and activating 
any grid square in NY, PA, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, and ME.

With winter approaching, this probably won't happen any time soon. But 
when the weather breaks next spring, the opportunity for doing this may 
come again. The most requested grid squares will be the ones I consider 
going to first.

So, email me your grid square "wish list". And please put the phrase 
"grid square" somewhere on your email "subject line".

Richard, N2SPI
n2spi at amsat.org

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