[amsat-bb] Re: volunteering (Mobile Satellite Predictor)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 21 06:04:45 PDT 2009

>> RESULT:  Every mobile everywhere that is in 
>> view of a satellite, even without any prior 
>> planning, will be alerted to a satellite
>> in view... right there on the front panel 
>> of his APRS radio. 
> ... I am one in total agreement... I am one of 
> those... Operators... transmitting current 
> satellite positions on a local network, 
> in my case via digi_ned on our local UHF APRS
> alt-net running on 440.800Mhz at 9.6kbaud
> within a portion of NWAPRS coverage area 
> (Puget Sound).

What would be neat is a survey of how many other locations are
doing this.  One way to do it is to watch the APRS-IS for AO51
objects and see where they are coming from.  Of course, they
will all overwrite and replace each other, but if one monitors
over a reasonable period, then we might see each such system in
turn when the AO51 is overhead.

Would you have time to watch the APRS-IS and see if you can find
other systems doing this?  Then we can make a MAP of the world
where this information is available and encourage others to
consider putting it out.


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