[amsat-bb] Arrow 10W Duplexer Performance Measurements

Allan Saul allan at rfdesign.co.za
Wed Oct 21 04:21:05 PDT 2009

Quite a lot of guys are using the handy Arrow Model 10W
duplexer for the handheld 146/437 antenna and mine arrived here
today so I thought I would put it on the network analyser
and see how it performs.....

>From the Radio cable to the 2m antenna connector an Insertion Loss of 
0.75dB was measured with a rejection of 57dB at 70cm. The VSWR at 2m was

>From the Radio cable to the 70cm antenna connector an Insertion Loss of
1.2dB was measured with an attenuation of 56dB on the 2m signal. The VSWR
at 70cm was 1.29:1

The VSWR on the 2m port was 1.21:1 and on the 70cm port was 1.20:1

For those guys wanting to look at the actual plots they can be found here

Allan ZS1LS

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