[amsat-bb] Re: volunteering (Mobile Satellite Predictor)

kim ac7yy at comcast.net
Tue Oct 20 20:18:35 PDT 2009

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 12:56 -0400, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> RESULT:  Every mobile everywhere that is in view of a satellite,
> even without any prior planning, will be alerted to a satellite
> in view, its direction and elevation, its frequency and its
> Doppler, right there on the front panel of his APRS radio.

Bob, I am one in total agreement with you on this one. We can all get
this information on the iPhone, (and maybe other smart phones), our
netbooks, laptops and our desktops. But while driving down the road at
60 or so miles per hour and seeing a current FM sat come up on my
D-710/700 in the footprint via RF with an elevation and azimuth that is
currently workable is the ultimate solution in my mind. 

I am one of those 1,000's of operators worldwide you referenced
transmitting current satellite positions on a local network, in my case
via digi_ned on our local UHF alt-net running on 440.800Mhz at 9.6kbaud
within a portion of NWAPRS coverage area (Puget Sound). Within this
coverage area it works great, its so nice to glance down at the display
and see AO-51 (or others) to the west and over 30 degrees, I hit PM3 and
listen to the pass. Sometimes, I even make a contact or two.

You have defined the problem very well, when mobile and outside the
footprint of a repeater providing this information ..... well what do
you do, your only option is to revert back to the internet. Not the
ideal solution in my mind. I like RF, thats why I am an amateur radio
operator. I am not smart enough to provide a solution. But, it seems to
me, that if local igates do not gate these types of packets back to RF
in their operational area then the only solution is for us 1,000's of
digi operators worldwide to provide this information in each of our
operating areas.

I always enjoy reading your posts Bob ...... Thanks for all you do



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