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Ken Ernandes n2wwd at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 20 10:26:41 PDT 2009

Bob and Dan -

I sympathize with what you're saying and know you both have AMSAT's best interests at heart.  But unfortunately I don't see this exchange going in a positive direction.  

We all know this is not the first time somebody has come on this mailing list lacking a constructive motive.  It appears that, with such a person, it is a counter-productive to continue the exchange.  No matter what meaningful and accurate comments you might make, it will get twisted or otherwise re-interpreted in a negative fashion or in the light most favorable to an ulterior agenda.  This is *my opinion* as an AMSAT member and thus *not* something I will debate online, or in private for that matter.  Thus understand in advance ["Rocky"] why I will ignore any non-constructive responses to this message.

I think we agree this list is a great thing for those wanting information, having bona fide questions, or wishing to offer a constructive opinion.  I will be happy to exchange messages with anybody who (in my opinion) is engaging in something positive or constructive.  

I would, however, recommend that those of us who have AMSAT's best interest at heart try something different to deal with negativism.   My suggestion is to attempt once (and only once) to steer things in a positive or constructive direction.  If that fails, simply state that you are not obligated to exchange messages with anybody you believe is not pursing a positive or constructive agenda.  Make it incumbent on the person making the objectionable comments to put things back in a positive direction if they wish to get any replies.

If everybody who has AMSAT's best interests at heart followed that, I think we'd have much better exchanges on this list.  Just a thought...

73, Ken N2WWD

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>> so what?  We should never on the BB have 
>> differences with the direction that the 
>> satellite program is going?  YOu have to 
>> be kidding.
>No we are not..
>You clearly do not understand volunteerism in a highly techincal
>endeavor where "Those that can... DO" and "Those that can't"
>should contribute or GET OUT OF THE WAY.
>> The only comments I and others have raised 
>> or made have been completely professional.
>No, just incessant whining and no productive contribution.
>Either BUILD something, or contribute to those that are, or shut
>up and get out of the way.. (my personal opinion since I have NO
>position within AMSAT other than as a contributor where I can).
>> And fair questions deserve fair answers. 
>Yes, do some work instead of driviling... go develop some
>answers, and stop acting like a troll just wasting everyone's
>> what have I gotten back? 
>> "you are a  troll" 
>Yes, all of your posts seem to meet that definition perfectly...
>> Hope you are having a good morning.  
>I will when I can stop having to read your drivel every
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