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Mon Oct 19 20:26:27 PDT 2009

Gretting to the list

I wish to thank everyone that took part in the discussion of ITAR as it
pertains to Amateur Satellites.
I have learned many things.
I am sure others may have also.
It is obvious that Amateur Radio before satellites had few if any ITAR
Now we have a very specific ITAR path to travel with any Amateur

I submit that the AMSAT BOD is doing a good job for the membership on
this ITAR issue

There were a question or two dealing with security as it related to
indiduals that were 
working on ITAR compontents or the AMSAT facility itself.
At least it seemed to be a stretch for anyone to discuss that issue.

There are those like AMSAT that have a almost impossible time dealing
with ITAR
There are many more that have to do business or engineering work where
talking to anyone 
becomes a probems
I never had to concern myself with ITAR and that is the reason I needed
to learn more about ITAR.
I can assure all that there is another side to ITAR when the rules are
not followed and 
that is the side I worked for on for 37 years.
Think of all the testing that must take place when information is lost
when the ITAR rules are not followed.
No offense to any of my Amateur friends that have hard feeling because of
ITAR, I understand.
But like always there is always two side to any story.

Thanks again Gentlemen

Joe Murray K0VTY
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