[amsat-bb] Re: MIR sound clip

laura halliday marsgal42 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 19 16:21:58 PDT 2009

Bill N5AB wrote:

> Here's a MIR clip I recorder years ago, using a cassette recorder
> with vox, hooked to a Radio Shack scanner.
> The file is named 8-25-99, but I'm not sure when the recording happened.
> http://web.mac.com/mrbillmac/Site/MIR_sound_file.html
> The file plays okay from the web page, on a Mac... haven't tried it
> on a PC yet.

It plays fine on a PC if you have the QuickTime plug-in, free from Apple.

The audio reminds me of the closing warning from Glukoza's tune "Schweine", except that it's in the wrong language... :-)

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