[amsat-bb] Re: THE DMSP launch

Donald Jacob wb5eku at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 11:01:12 PDT 2009

Bob,Right on the money! All I have seen from on the BBS from this guy is
"after the fact"
 and "I can tell you how to do it" and no where does he even attempt to
help. He is
the greatest Monday Morning quarterback.
He is a troll and unfortunately we do fall for his tactics.
If, in fact, he is a -- test pilot-- thank God I live in California and not
or any where near his flight path! Which makes me want to know what aircraft
he tests so that I can stay clear of them.
I hope not to fall for the "loud mouth troll that knows everything and wants
to tell
all that he does".  He knows that if he ever tries to do what he tells
others to do
he will fail. And come to think of it, most of us know that he is talk and
no action too.


On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 10:34 AM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> Rocky,
> I think you miss the point...
> >> 4. Ballast does not have an e-mail group
> >> full of whining little people who think
> >> they could have designed it better or...
> > this is the one I always find amusing.
> > Almost comical and certainly childish.
> Yes, I think he was referring to you and your incessant
> fruitless posts...
> > Are the people who are suppose to be the
> > experts in building state of the art satellites
> > so thin skinned that a bulletin board
> > slows their progress?  LOL
> Yes, they probably are... On the one hand, small mind kibitzers
> lambast all the "dooers" in the AMSAT organization for not
> maintaining a presence here and responding to every little bite
> and jab and complaint, while you then want to lambast them for
> trying to respond to your childish and uninformed incessant
> opinions...
> > "Just say no"  either stop building satellites
> > and move on to something that wont be at all
> > critical...or just tune out and stop reading.
> In fact some of them have.  And I don't blame them one bit.  The
> damage done by so many trolls and kibitzers such as yourself is
> real and hurts the organization.
> > It is the childhood equivalent of "he called me a name"
> Yes, he did, and it seems he was talking directly to you.
> As am I.
> > LOL
> > things are hard
> > Robert WB5MZO
> And you are the one that really makes them that way.
> Bob
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