[amsat-bb] Re: THE DMSP launch

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 09:21:04 PDT 2009

Robert WB5MZO

> Are the people who are suppose to be the experts in building state of the art satellites so thin skinned that a bulletin board
> slows their progress?  LOL

I want to remind you each and every time you write a message: AMSAT is
a volunteer run group of space-craft experimenters sharing a hobby and
a purpose: Ham Radio & Education. As you should know there is only one
paid employee of AMSAT at the headquarters and everyone else is just a

With regard to the skill and qualification of the "experts" you refer
to in your e-mail, perhaps you have seem to have the expertise of
being a cynic and a critic  - in addition to being right on everything
you say, according to yourself - meanwhile, others are lending their
varied expertise in the areas they feel most comfortable electrical,
mechanical, thermodynamics, Solar PV etc. etc. and in certain cases,
actual donations to fund further R&D at their own cost. I am not sure
where you have found any documentation from AMSAT-NA that we have any
portion of capability or indeed requirement to build "state of the art
satellites".  All the bits of stuff that have been incorporated into
satellites so far are probably best described as hobby kits or more
exactly waste material from other projects.

Are you faulting AMSAT members for wanting to work  for $0.00 and
pursuing a dream of being creative - and to have  chance to tell their
children, look I built that and it is in Space ? Are you criticizing
the current activity and past activity and anything that they may come
up with in the future because, according to you, these AMSAT "experts"
don't have the right stuff ? Or are you just trying to get noticed ?

Ok then, assuming you want the spotlight and  are correct in your
conviction that you know what you are doing, what is your
recommendation for steps going forward ? Put your thinking cap on
instead of and submit a development plan that will use the annual dues
from about 1900 paying members and organize a working group amongst
your friends in the amsat community -- and build -- a satellite -- and
launch it into space. Or, you could start a campaign to get votes from
the members to become the next President of AMSAT-NA... coming up

BTW, you can write off your donation to AMSAT on your taxes, but then
you already knew that.

Looking forward to reading about  your development plans soon.

Samudra, N3RDX and S21X

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