[amsat-bb] Re: THE DMSP launch

Rocky Jones orbitjet at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 19 07:38:22 PDT 2009


4. Ballast does not have an e-mail group full of whining little people who
think they could have designed it better or that it operates on the wrong band
or mode, and complaining loudly when the mission falls months or years behind
its original launch date. 


this is the one I always find amusing.  Almost comical and certainly childish.

Are the people who are suppose to be the experts in building state of the art satellites so thin skinned that a bulletin board
slows their progress?  LOL

If so then I suggest that they channel The Former First lady Nancy Reagan and 
"Just say no"  either stop building satellites and move on to something that 
wont be at all critical...or just tune out and stop reading.

It is the childhood equivalent of "he called me a name"


things are hard

Robert WB5MZO

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