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Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 06:04:53 PDT 2009

k0vty at juno.com wrote:
> Hi Bob (N4HY)
> Thanks for taking the time to ponder for the BB and me some of the twists
> and turns 
> of ITAR issues.
> I hope the BB apprecaites your time and effort.
> Here are a few more questions?
> 8.) How do exclusionary zones with in the US work as in the AO-40
> integration and shipping
>      zone, as it relates to ITAR?
These deal only with tariffs, taxation, etc.  As soon as you move a 
piece of electronics from outside any such zone into that zone with the 
purpose being to do any export or even a DEEMED export, it is covered.
> 9.) How does Amsat-NA insure ITAR security among it's own engineering
> staff?
After our MEA CULPA to the state department,  we are being instructed on 
how to comply and every person working with us will be subjected to the 
treatment, err uhh, training.
> 10.) Does the German Government have ITAR like laws for the AMSAT-DL
> folks to follow?
They have export control laws as do all governments.  Germans are by 
their nature (from my experience) rule abiding law followers and do not 
want to sign documents exposing themselves to onerous restrictions.  So 
far as I know,  they do not force foreign citizens (non-Germans) to sign 
a document that says for the purposes of the satellite exercise,  it 
doesn't matter where in the world you are, or even if it is illegal for 
you to sign such a document in your own country,  you will agree you are 
subject to German law.  The chutzpah involved in such a set of rules on 
our part is almost too much to wrap your mind around, especially applied 
to amateur radio satellites since these rules interfere with the purpose 
of amateur radio world wide.
> 11.) Are there any ITAR shipping limitation involved as to methods and
> ports?
I do not understand what this means.
> Global is getting to mean many things it would appear.
> Thanks you sir, when you get more spare time .
> Regards
> Joe Murray K0VTY

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