[amsat-bb] Re: 2M1EUB/P VIA AO7 HAND HELD ANTS

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
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Hi Paul,

Can I also point out another challenge that AMSATs face now and will face in 
the future that maybe wasn't such a big issue in the past?

"Debris Mitigation" - the recent collisions have made space agencies and 
similar authorities extremely aware and concerned - this means that the 
recommendation that spacecraft are deorbited (or reorbited higher in the 
case of geostationary birds) within 25 years of intended/expected end of 
mission is, or will soon become, a requirement rather than a recommendation.

This means that University cubists and similar "expected short operational 
life" spacecraft may not find launch opportunities above about 600kms 

The silver lining might be that an amateur payload, which could be enabled 
after the end of the main mission of a spacecraft, might be seen as a valid 
method to push back the "end of life" date and therefore justify a higher 

That means that we will have to demonstrate, by example and design 
justification,  that we can provide functionality in the long term rather 
than for just a few months/years.

Not impossible but a challenge for our future satellite builders:)

For my money, a really rad hardened linear transponder that is designed to 
function with or without batteries and that is on a spacecraft that has one 
of these low thrust solar electric propulsion systems to eanble us to reach 
MEO would be perfect! But of course this is not a simplesat and would need a 
grown up attitude control system and probably other complex parts.

As Drew has suggested - to hitch a ride on someone else bird would be a neat 



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> Of course we are. Satellites aren't launched on desire only.
> Earlier this year I was in contact with the only launch provider I could
> find who had launches to over 800km. They had no secondary opportunities
> available.
> A launch to 600 to 800 km for an AO-51 sized satellite would cost 400k
> to 800k dollars from all the providers we've spoken to. That's almost as
> unobtainable on our own as the 10 million for Intelsat or 7 million for 
> P3E.
> I think our best chance to get back to a higher orbit is going to be
> hitching a ride on someone else's satellite, and we are actively
> pursuing this in several directions. If you work for someone who could,
> or know of an opportunity to carry a 1 or 2 kilo package to orbit, and
> provide us with ~5 watts of power, please email me privately with
> details. We have the hardware, as a direct result of the
> SuitSat-2/Arissat-1 effort. All we need is the ride.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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