[amsat-bb] Re: Why do hamsats? (Or anything else...)

Bruce Robertson ve9qrp at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 10:08:45 PDT 2009

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 12:32 PM, Rocky Jones <orbitjet at hotmail.com> wrote:

> As it is, with the knowledge that suitsat 1 died on deployment...we would never know if the transponder was just not working or wasnt put together well.

I wonder if the misunderstandings I infer in the above sentence might
be part of the basis of the disagreement on this list. It was my
understanding that no transponder flew on SS1: rather the plan was to
transmit SSTV and messages from kids, as well as some telemetry.
Here is a typical document outlining the plan for the project:


Second, the word 'died' suggests that ground stations never received
the signals from SS1. They did: even with my modest equipment I was
able to reach this challenge. However, the signals were highly
attenuated, and after two weeks they stopped altogether. Some of the
fun that hams and educators had during this time is documented at:


A further point of fact that might inform this discussion: amateur
software defined transponders have been under design by Bob and others
for years. Granted, they were originally planned for P3-E and Eagle,
but it is an exaggeration to suggest that something that has Howard
Long first had working in 2005, and that  Tom Clark W3IWI, Rick Hambly
W2GPS, and Bob McGwier N4HY ran a QSO through in August, 2005 is not
ready for prime-time. Hear that QSO at

73, Bruce

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