paul robinson pushbiker2004 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 18 09:21:27 PDT 2009

A BIG THANKS ! to every one who took place in the fun on ao7 mode b...i was working hand held ants at 2700' on a mountain top io87ie at the LECHT ski centre ....i had to give up in the end very high winds ,rain and cold ....4 below this morning! i was so cold after 4 and half hours!!! big thank you to bob w7lrd for geting up early ...sorry we didnt make it...but one of these days we will ...thanks bob!! and thanks to every one elce who worked me...what a great old bird it is ....good transponder and good foot print !!!!!! AMSAT ARE YOU LISTENING??? FOOT PRINT BEING IMPORTANT!! 73 all ill still be active from io87mc for 7days...de paul 


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