[amsat-bb] Re: ITAR is interesting to me

Joel Black jbblack68 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 05:15:40 PDT 2009

Someone mentioned waaay back in this discussion something about ITAR and 
international students being taught in the US.  Read this article:


Is there anyone left in our government with common sense any more?  
Wait...  gah!!!  I'm blinded by a flash of the obvious - NO, there is no 
one left in government with common sense.  While I'll not get into the 
politics of ITAR (we're way beyond politics), perhaps we should get the 
ARRL involved in lobbying our effort.

Before, you say, "That's a wonderful idea, why don't you take that one 
and try it."  I am.  I don't know the exact procedure for doing so, but 
I think a letter to my ARRL Division Manager might be a good start.

Joel, W4JBB

k0vty at juno.com wrote:
> Greetings All:
> The Amsat BB is a great source of information we all know:
> I have a few questions about ITAR that I thought might interest more than
> I.
> I tried to be careful of the words I used.
> 1.) Do all launched satellites that have US components or interests fall
> under ITAR? 
> 2.) When does ITAR interest begin for a launchable Amateur satellite?
> 3.) Is software and firmware that is a part of a Amateur satellite at
> launch fall under ITAR?
> 4.) Who normally handles University Cube Sat ITAR issues when Amateur
> frequencies are used?
> 5.) Who normally handles US Military school Cube-Sat ITAR issues when
> Amateur frequencies are use ?
> 6.) When is there no ITAR interest in a Amateur satellite? 
> 7.) Did Suitsat one or two (ARISSaT-1) have any ITAR problems since they
> are satellites
>       using Amateur frequency?
> I have more ITAR related questions.
> Best Regards
> Joe  K0VTY
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