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John, I dont know what happen, but I didnt hear a thing on the AO-27 pass that was East of me. Checked the pass data on SatPc32 and made sure I was on the right freq's, but didnt hear a thing, so was a complete bust for that Grid. I even had an audience, and sure felt like an idiot after building up the excitement, and then zilch. Oh well.... I guess it happens. Even the SO-50 pass that I talked to Patrick was very noisy, and that is probably due to all the intermod in the area I was in, not only from the commercial stations, but from hams walking around keying up their mikes, talking to no one, just kerchunking the 440 repeaters. 

Very thick and heavy fog this morning going to Fresno, with visibility down to 100 feet in some spots, and then most of the day overcast, hot and humid, which is rare here. There is an unusual High over us, causing this very early fog season. Felt like I was back in Alabama and Mississippi on my road trip... 

Unknown when I'll get back up that way......not for a month or more I am sure, but I'll hope for an AO-51 pass instead. Sorry it didnt work out.. 

John W6ZKH 

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Did you cancel your trip to DM07 today. Didn't 
hear you on the AO-27 pass that WA8SME was on. 
Patrick reported hearing you in the morning from 
DM06 but didn't hear you on any other pass. Hope 
everything is ok there. 

The AO-27 pass was a zoo but Doug and I both made 
a contact with WA8SME. 

Let me know if you plan to operate from DM07 in the 
future. Thanks. 

John K8YSE 

John Papay 
john at papays.com 

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