[amsat-bb] Re: Why do hamsats? (Or anything else...)

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
Sat Oct 17 15:16:03 PDT 2009

Digital signal processing is 40 year old technology at DARPA and first 
appeared on the amateur radio scene 20 years ago. We certainly don't want 
AMSAT to ignore this technology as it can reduce hardware complexity, size 
and power requirements and therefore decrease costs and increase 



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> But a software derived transponder is not simple and if the thing 
> fails...most likely no one will know why.  Was it some astronaut missed 
> one of those switches or is the entire program screwed?  What to do with 
> cubesat then?
> AMSAT's role should be as far as possible to keep the membership supplied 
> with functioning satellites.  It is not the ham equivelent of DARPA or 
> whatever.  If the role is not to keep hamsats in orbit, then what does it 
> do

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