[amsat-bb] Re: On the possibility of imaging AO-40

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: On the possibility of imaging AO-40
> At 04:56 AM 10/16/2009, Alan P. Biddle wrote:
> >Getting an image is clearly possible, but only if you can get a certain
> >agency known by its initials to do it.
> I offer a different opinion.  We know how large the primary mirror 
> (optical aperture) of these spy satellites are, because we know how 
> big the launch vehicles are, and the satellites had to fit into the 
> launch vehicles.  Therefore, I believe they are no larger than 
> Hubble.  Therefore, I figure the spook agencies can't actually help us.

I think that you are correct..when Hubble was carried to Cape Kennedy AVLeak reported that it arrived in the same carrier as the KH's used.  There are differences between the two I think, but the mirror is about the same (in my opinion)

Robert WB5MZO
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