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Rocky Jones orbitjet at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 15 20:14:49 PDT 2009

Pasture...along with the milking cows, a few goats, and yes the chickens and ducks.  The Longhorn is there more or less for show (no tribute to George Abbey BTW)

Sorry for the late reply Frank.  My wife and I are pregnant so we spent the afternoon looking around The CLEAR LAKE Texas  and Santa Fe area for hospitals that are on either of our health insurance plans.  Then we took the in laws to dinner at The Aquarium in KEMAH (the boardwalk at Kemah) (it is the mother in laws birthday), after which we had some pleasant conversation.

I stress our itinerary because it tells the group what you must already know (since you are in the keyboard commando mode) that I live in the area of Houston that the JSC calls home. Running the call sign would have told you that.    The House is about 1.2 nm from the North gate of JSC just south on  Space Center.   In normal times I jog the course there and back four times in the morning.   I've lived in  Clear Lake for quite a bit.  Still own the house there although after my latest DXpedition the housesitter wont be clear of it until Jan next year.  Fortunately we have the farm in Santa Fe.

Since I live in the area I  have quite a few friends/chums/associates/neighbors/etc who are current employees at NASA or the contractors.   They know I am interested in space policy, amateur radio (you should see the setup at the house in Clear Lake), and share things. That is one source of information and it is pretty good. It is good enough for the statement I made.   (I am amused that you ran me through the data base, but caution you that NASA watch pointed out how flawed that data base is...)

So after conversation with the family and before responding to the post you put out I fed it through the USC "internet flame war" program that is standard US government affair and found out that both you and Jeff Hanley managed a email that touched all the "internet flame war" points.  Two peas in a pod I guess

Frank, I dont respond kindly to emails where the person sending puts up a claim that I didnt make (""know all" that is going on within NASA") and then starts his own rant with a question based on that premise ("  And how
> are you all knowing???).  And does it all in public not in a private email.  People on the board have asked me what I do privately and I've been pleased to give them chapter line and verse.   This time I'll be kind and just chalk it up to you having gone zero impedance to ground over how things are going.

I did find the "
> Or are you using another alias besides Robert Oler or Rocky Jones?" amusing.  

It is the weakest of the internet flame tactics you use and the most amusing .  It is also even more nonsensical then the rest of the post from you.  I have signed everything on this BB and as best I can tell on the "internets" (to quote our last President) with my full name or my name that has some identifier with it so it is not just a "Robert".  That is where the call sign comes in handy.   With me posting my call sign if you are confused, well that is your fault, not mine.  The line you use is a little above "when did you stop beating you're wife" in logical validity.


As for 80 percent of "suitsat 2 failing"...actually that is the consensus among a lot of folks at the center.  I give "Suitsat 2" less then 10 percent chance of working.  That didnt take oh several decades of dealing with complex programs or a bunch of US government schools or a lot of engineering degrees to figure out.  It is really not "rocket science"...Suitsat 1 was a bomb and it was much simpler.  Now they are trying something more complicated...  I am not even sure it deploys.  If it flops well it is hard to see a lot of ham radio traction on the space station after that.

But Just think, if it works you can tell me I was wrong!  Wont that be fun?  

Are you upset because you have heard the same thing?  LOL

Find some manners, stop the internet flame postings and try and be a "facts and data" kind of guy in deeds no just words you will get farther. If you cant then I can get more aggressive!.   Have a great Thursday night.

Robert G. Oler WB5MZO

> From: ka3hdo at comcast.net
> To: amsat-bb at amsat.org
> Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 13:21:10 -0400
> Subject: [amsat-bb]  Where's the Beef?
> Robert,
> You commented:
> "As for AMSAT's ARISSsat transponder.  Well we will see if it works.  They
> are not exactly burning up the track record with success.  We have had this
> argument and I am willing to sit back and see if it goes, but it is far to
> much project for the program.  Most of the folks I know at JSC give it less
> then 20 percent chance of working...In fact it was a source of mirth at a
> recent BDAY party."
> All your e-mails give the impression that you are well positioned within JSC
> and "know all" that is going on within NASA.  But when I did a Search for
> your name within the NASA employee and contractor database, the database
> comes up empty handed.  
> Given that I am a "facts and data" kind of guy, what up with this?  And how
> are you all knowing???  What do you really do for a living??  Who are these
> people you are talking to that are so opinionated? 
> Or are you using another alias besides Robert Oler or Rocky Jones?  Or is
> all you are posting on this listserv just your own kind of fluff??
> Inquiring minds want to know.
> Frank, KA3HDO
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