[amsat-bb] What Are Others Using

Joel Black jbblack at charter.net
Thu Oct 15 16:15:03 PDT 2009

Years ago, when I first started operating the satellites, I used an 
IC-821.  I "graduated" up to an FT-847.  I don't ever remember using 
software to tune the rig (the IC-821 or FT-847) only software to steer 
the antennas.

For the life of me, I cannot seem to find my downlink using the FT-847 
and *any* tuning software with the linear birds (AO-7 and VO-52).  It 
works fine with the "fixed" freq FM birds which, understandably, is 
easier for it to track.  I am just wondering, does *anyone* use tuning 
software with the linear birds or do you just tune it manually?

Joel, W4JBB

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