[amsat-bb] Re: Can we get them to fix AO-40 first then?

Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 11:00:57 PDT 2009

If the power budget were not positive as of the last known 
configuration, i.e. solar panels produced enough power to run the 
spacecraft AND charge the batteries,  we would have been dead long 
before the event (whatever it was) because the batteries need to be 
charged enough to run us through eclipses.  So if the panels were 
illuminated there would be sufficient power to run the bus.  However, 
the IHU software load would be minimal and we would have more than 
enough power.  However,  if the batteries shorted the bus, and drew it 
down, then probably nothing would run and we are in the "pray for AO-7" 
mode with MUCH better batteries than we had in AO-7, making a repeat 
less likely.  With AO-10, we got lucky.  The thing would just come up 
default in a mode that we could use until it finally gave up the ghost.


Rocky Jones wrote:
> Peter.
> In the current configuration (or the last known config) of the vehicle does the vehicle have sufficient solar illumination to "spin" and maintain the DC busses without a battery?
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