[amsat-bb] Re: Can we get them to fix AO-40 first then?

Larry n1miw at cox.net
Wed Oct 14 17:45:41 PDT 2009

Yes, that is an interesting point. What happens if it does come on, but
cannot transmit? When power is restored, what will the satellite do, if
anything? I guess only the command stations would have a chance to get it to
send telemetry on 2.4GHz. I don't remember what happened to the 2M downlink,
but time to check the archives.
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    My final thought on this is - if you can't get the receiver to decode
    commands, it's a loss, end of story. If it will receive, make it open
    panels to get more power to the bird. Once the satellite is fully
    illuminated by the sun during its rotation, then try to work on
    the satellite. Until that is tried, I personally feel that not every
    attempt at reviving AO-40 has been attempted,

  The first time I read the post, I thought simply, no power = no receiver
so no command to the satellite.

  But then, I thought of something else.

  When AO-40 was built, it would be launched with all systems off. When
released into space some hardware would have switched on the receivers and a
transmitter for telemetry.

  Now, it's sitting there with a shorted battery.....or is it?

  If the battery were to open circuit, then the satellite may think it's
being switched on for the first time. But with AO-40 I seem to remember that
telemetry was on 2m.

  The significance of your idea and my memory....is that the 2m transmitter
does not work. So we would need to send a command to turn the S band
transmitter on.

  It is virtually impossible for S band to just appear, like AO-7 did if it
is not the default mode at switch on.
  But it completely justifies your idea of sending a command at it every now
and again.

  Thanks for the thought



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