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Tim - N3TL n3tl at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 14 14:02:10 PDT 2009

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your note. And, I suspect, when you entered the hobby back then, radios like the FT-817 weren't available - nor were effective portable antennas like the Elk and Arrow. 

As you recall, you and I had a contact on VO-52 not long ago that I emailed you about. I was using AFSK on a 1.5-watt Yaesu VX-3R HT, with a straight key connected to the mic jack. I just missed a contact on FO-29 before she went down. I intended to write up something for the Journal about a complete satellite station that would fit in a briefcase - with the ability to work all the FM satellites, all the linear satellites (granted, in CW only) and digipeat packets through the ISS digipeater. I still will write that story when FO-29 comes back and I can get that contact. 

I surely don't begrudge you or anyone who operates from a high-quality, highly effective ground station. I continue to be disappointed by those who feel the need for the highest power available on the FM satellites because it's totally unnecessary and overkill. They keep others from enjoying the satellites as much as they because the lower powered stations don't have a chance. That's a moot point on the linear satellites, as we both know.

I apologize if my statements offended you. That surely wasn't my intent.

I hope all is well with you.



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Tim N3TL said:
"I also don't share your view of?satellite operation using a handheld or otherwise portable station, which is less than positive. Again, I mean no disrespect - but I find very little challenge and even less satisfaction in making a satellite contact running 50-100 watts into?a pair of long, multi-element yagis being controlled for az/el by computers - and using a radio being computer controlled for Doppler.? Of course, many more satellite operators share views closer to yours than mine - or, at least, it seems that way."
Point taken, but there are two ways to enter the satellite section of this hobby.
1. The linear satellite way (FO-29, AO7 and VO-52). This was the way I selected. My early goal was to operate AO-40, and the station was constructed for this AMSAT project.
2. The second way is via the FM satellites. 
Both ways are valid. It all depends which way a person came to make that first satellite contact. It's still a thrill either way.
Mike (K9QHO)
AMSAT 33589
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