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Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Wed Oct 14 12:59:35 PDT 2009

Ahhh geez, here we go again. I left this list awhile back because of a 
certain group who chose to constantly attack the FM LEO's and the folks 
who operated on them. I don't remember your post being that way Luc, 
they didn't attack the op's who used the FM LEO's and I'm not saying 
you're doing that now but I'm sure someone will come along shortly to do it.
 We all want an HEO Luc! I never got to operate AO-40. You think I don't 
see some of the old articles about it and hear the talk about it and 
dream? Of course I do.
 The problem is how to pay for the likely multi million dollar launch 
cost of it. No one is interested in giving hams a free ride anymore or 
even a discounted ride for that matter.
 Where is P3E? Was it finished and now languishing in  storage waiting 
for a launch that may never come? Or is it still being built?
I really don't know because I never hear or see anything about it. I've 
seen your suggestions about how to fund it's launch before and while I 
think they are well intentioned, I don't believe them to be practical. 
You may have the kind of money you propose to contribute to spare but I 
don't. I'm sure there are a lot of other hams that don't either and of 
course there will always be those that do have it but won't contribute 
even though they will fully expect to be able to use the sat.
 In my own case, I've had to sell my linear bird capable sat rig awhile 
back. Then, just the other day I was forced to sell my HF rig because of 
unexpected family expenses. The absolute best I can mange right now is 
an FM LEO capable station. It's either do that or do nothing at all. I 
can't even afford AMSAT dues right now much less contribute but I'm not 
going to give up and whine about it. I'm going to do what I can and 
enjoy it.
 We all have a decision to make, we can sit around and wish for the good 
old days and lament the fact we don't have an HEO plus blast anyone who 
dares suggest we put money in another LEO or we can focus on what is 
within our financial capability to do right now. I applaud the board for 
their decision and their bold statement.
Michael, W4HIJ
Luc Leblanc wrote:
> "The new AMSAT CubeSat's initial capability is planned to add to the popular low-earth orbit FM transponder fleet
> allowing hams to continue to use their existing handheld and portable antenna systems. This also continues the accessible
> entry path for new satellite operators to get started. The existing FM satellites are starting to show their age."
> It was widely admitted that AO-51 was a mistake years ago as a transponder type satellite should have been chosen instead of a single 
> channel satellite.
> IMHO There ia already enough capabilities with the existing fleet SO-50 AO-51 AO-27 ISS cross band repeater for an entry class satellite 
> plus many cubes in the making as arisat-1. What we lack is a HEO or some AO-07 like satellite with transponder who will make 
> transcontinental QSO'S possible. Theses one channel satellite are a waste of money compare to a transponder type as many simultaneous QSO'S 
> can be achieved at the same time.
> But theses issues where widely discussed in the past and i'm guessing the AMSAT symposium attendance widely clapped at this announcement!!!
> What AMSAT-NA will be in the next years " HANDHELD CLUB" as written " to continue to use their existing handheld and portable antenna 
> systems." 
> Wrong direction again 180 degrees of the logical course again!
> P.S. It is obvious this variation on the same subject proposal will have plenty of time to evolved or to be put in real service only to be 
> replaced by other new proposals. it is  the dog running after his tails syndrome who prevail again. Bottom line is another deceptive 
> unrealistic proposal IMHO.
> Feel free to agree or disagree but the shrinking AMSAT-NA membership is probably what's is triggering theses proposals a king of safety 
> buoy for the BOD to avoid drowning the whole crew and her ship.
> "-"
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