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> Hello Luc,
> I have some questions. 
>  1- What is the logical direction, in your opinion?

Helping our German's friends launching P3E

>  2 - How much would that direction cost, in your opinion?

A lot of $$$ who should better invest in achieving P3E rather than sending another FM single channel LEO repeater cube

>  3 - How would you propose paying for that direction?
I never see a clear financial and funding projected structure in years since AO-40. On any project when the goals are set and the money 
target is clearly establish the hard part will be to regroup all the international AMSAT'S and all the potential funding sources: 
government, spaces agencies, universities, amateur radio association eg: ARRL, RAC, RSGB ect (Some of them already contribute to P3E)

The funding solution will go by an international funding campaign and by a fixed minimal contribution per amateur who want's to have an 
HEO. I am member of a local marina and each new member should pay a one time Dredging Fee of 250$. The marina is open here from May 15 to 
October 4 about 5 months. I can used a satellite 12 months am i willing to pay 250$ a year YES and could be more if a sound international 
structure with well defined planning and objectives can demonstrate a serious will towards the next HEO.

There is already a lot of dedicated peoples around the amateurs radio satellite business who are only making their own small things in 
their small backyard. Why not regrouping their energies and money towards "ONLY ONE SINGLE" big project? In the amateur satellite world we 
called that a HEO satellite as AO-40  and as AO-07 AO-10 AO-13 generation who where the first steps towards AO-40.

Just to be clear my opinion is not against the collective effort and people works but against some of the objectives they carry. Volunteers 
motivation should be the best interest of all not the few.

Feel free to come back this is a very wide subject of discussion with many possible outcome.

73 Tim

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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