[amsat-bb] FM satellite operations again again over Europe

OZ1MY oz1my at privat.dk
Mon Oct 12 08:58:33 PDT 2009

Hi all in Europe,
It is obviously about time to repeate a few 
good points about operating via the FM repeater 

1. Do not transmit if you can not hear it

2. When the satellite is busy - limit the number of QSO's to ONE

3. Do not call over an ongoing QSO

4. A valid QSO just needs the call and the report

5. Give way to weak stations like /p and /m 

6. Allow DX-peditions to make as many QSO's as there are callers

That was the short version :-)

I have a long version in English, Italian, Russian, Spanish and French.
I can send it to you if you want it. Could use a few other languages 
like Greek, Polish and others.
It would be nice if you can get it in your national journals.

And please no flames !

73 OZ1MY

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