[amsat-bb] Re: Can we get them to fix AO-40 first then?

Larry n1miw at cox.net
Sun Oct 11 16:29:17 PDT 2009

   Just out of curiosity, have any of the command stations tried to open the
solar panels to give AO-40 another chance at life? I mean, if the "event"
caused some damage to the satellite with the solar panels retracted, what's
to say that opening the panels  wouldn't possibly provide just enough power
to the CPU to get some telemetry flowing (if the commands could be received,
and the panels aren't damaged)? What else do we have to lose - she's been
off for how many years now without any signs of coming back? If the command
stations were to try something, might I suggest announcing a date first so
the big stations ( if any are left) can possibly assist in listening for any
type of signal?

   Just a thought I've had for some time now, and thought this might be an
appropriate time / thread to finally say something. 73's ...Larry N1MIW

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